Ashton and Kaitlin - Asheville, NC Engagement - Black Balsam Knob - Greenville, NC Photographer

I had so much fun traveling up to Asheville, NC for the second time this year for another engagement session! Ashton and Kaitlin found out about me from their friends who had me come up to Asheville the first time for their own engagement session! ---> seen on a previous blog! 

When I first got to black balsam knob it was lightening, thundering, and raining! Luckily all of us had already planned on staying the night nearby so we decided to come back early in the morning for a sunrise session! Well let me tell you.... I forgot that in the morning most grassy, woodsy areas have dew in the morning... well needless to say we were all very wet by the time we took our 25 minute hike up the most narrow pathway! We had such a fun conversation and learned that our dating history was very similar and that we had a lot of other things in common!

When we finally reached the top we were excited to see the stunning mountain views. To our surprise there was actually another couple up there taking their engagement photos too! it was fun to see others out there enjoying the weather and getting beautiful shots.

Closer to the end of our session the sun popped out for just a little bit and we got some great shots! Check out my favorites from their engagement session below! <3