Jeff and Lizzy - 9.01.18 - River Landing Wedding - Wallace NC

When Jeff and Lizzy asked me to be their photographer for their wedding day I was ecstatic! I knew Lizzy from high school and Jeff from when they both attended the same church as me in Greenville, NC. My husband and I would grab dinner with the both of them when we could as all of us were busy with work, school, and other important adult things, haha. I knew that they were going to get married eventually! They are so perfect for each other. Lizzy has the sweetest soul and just has this light about her that makes everyone happy. And Jeff is literally one of the nicest people I have ever met. He can turn anyone’s day around.

Getting ready for the wedding was filled with stories and laughter. Jeff wanted to send some flowers along with a hand written letter on a scroll (WHAT?!) to her before the ceremony. When he went to pick up the flowers he came across a bouquet of tie dye roses. He knew that Lizzy had a love for all things tie dye and knew immediately that those were the flowers for her. The hand written scroll was also so romantic and she teared up reading it once her make up was finished.

Once the dresses, ties, and jackets were all put on the ceremony began. It was in a covered area outside in front a beautiful golf course and the weather could not have been more perfect. We were afraid it was going to rain at one point but it cleared just as the ceremony began. When Lizzy walked out with her father Jeff could hardly stand up straight. He was in awe of his bride. This is always one of my favorite moments as it is the most genuine feeling a groom will have for his bride. There was one point in the ceremony that Jeff was so caught up in her beauty that he zoned out on what the officiant was asking him to repeat to Lizzy and had to ask him to repeat it. He said he didn’t hear him because he was too busy focusing on her! It was the sweetest.

They shared a time of communion together and then sealed their marriage with a kiss. We then jumped on some golf carts and headed to our locations for wedding party and bride/groom portraits. I loved spending time with just the two of them for their portraits. It gave them a little break from the business of the day so far. Their portrait time was beautiful and my favorite shots from the day!

The reception was set beautifully as all of the first dances were danced. Then everyone ate some delicious food and got to the real party. They danced the night away together with their closest friends and family. Then we snuck away for a few minutes with Lizzy, her mom, and Lizzy’s grandfather. Her grandmother had passed away not too long ago and Lizzy had brought her grandmothers wedding ring and her glove. She wanted to get a generation picture with all of the wedding rings. When she showed her grandfather the ring and glove he was overcome with emotion. It was one of the most emotional parts of a wedding I have ever photographed. I was very teared up myself. He was so humbled that Lizzy thought to do a picture with her ring and was so happy to reminisce on their love story.

The rest of the reception was a blast and we ended things with a sparkler exit. MY FAVORITE type of exit! Check out my favorite images from their big day below! <3